LIAR OF THE WEEK 10/22/2014


By Cheri Roberts

If corporate media’s Ebola fear-squaking wasn’t enough, the bozos had to come out in force like the  south side Ohio woman who called 911 claiming her sister may have Ebola. The purpose was merely to get immediate attention. The caller knew there was no possibility her sister had Ebola.

The 9/11 call went like this…

Caller: “I’m scared, I think my sister has Ebola. Her fever is 107,” the caller can be heard saying in the 911 audio. The woman repeatedly answered yes when the emergency dispatcher asked multiple times if her sister had recently traveled to Africa.

Dispatcher: Was the person over in Africa recently in the last 21 days?

Caller: Yes, she was.

Dispatcher: How long ago was she over in Africa?

Caller: Uh, last month.

It was all a hoax to get faster treatment and your tax dollars paid for it. The woman’s name has not been released, although it should be so she can be rightfully shamed.

Columbus Health Commissioner Teresa Long told 10TV,

I’m also really concerned that this is not a good use of resources. We do not want this to continue.”

A police spokesman, Sgt. Rich Weiner, said the incident is being investigated and charges could be filed against.



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