Terrorism In Ottawa, Parliament Hill Lock-down


IMAGE SOURCE: CBC video screenshot

By Cheri Roberts

Shots rang out first thing this morning on Canada’s Parliament Hill in what is being called the second terrorist attack Canada has suffered in 48-hours time; the first being the intentional hit and run of a Canadian Soldier in Quebec. This morning’s situation is still ongoing with one shooter said to have been killed (yet to be officially confirmed by Ottawa police) inside the Parliament building and possibly one or more shooters at large. An anonymous source in the area has conveyed cell phones and internet service is disrupted and that he was advised to “suit up”.


IMAGE SOURCE: Twitter capture

Kevin Vickers, former RCMP officer, is said to be the man who shot the suspect inside Parliament according to Tweets by fellow MP’s. Vickers is reported to be uninjured.


IMAGE SOURCE: Twitter capture

Today’s attack so far involves at least three crime scenes where gunfire broke out: in front of the National War Memorial, inside of Parliament and another near the Redo Center across from the War Memorial. The Soldier who was shot beside the memorial was a reservist serving in Hamilton in the Argyle Southern Highlanders of Canada. His name and condition has not yet been released and he is being treated at nearby Pacific hospital. There have been no other details released on the second or third victims who are also being treated at Pacific. The only information being reported from the hospital is that they received three victims, two are in stable condition and they are releasing no information on the third or identifying them at this time however; Jason Kenney, Senior Minister of the Crown, Tweeted that the soldier who was shot at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier has died and that one of the other three victims is a Parliamentary Guard who has been wounded.


IMAGE SOURCE: Twitter screenshot

Just days ago it was reported that Canada had raised its terror alert level for the first time since 2010 from low to medium according to an alleged document circulated within Canada’s intelligence community and is attributed to the Integrated Terrorism Assessment Centre (ITAC).

Government offices on Parliament Hill are under lock-down as are military bases and constituent offices across the country. The U.S. Embassy in Ottowa is also under lock-down and here in the States the Canadian Embassy  is under tight security with increased scrutiny.

 RCNP briefing expected soon. See live streaming coverage HERE.


 10:57 am PST UPDATE:

CORRECTION: No shooting near the Redo Center

No confirmation yet on exact number of shooters or whether there are additional shooters. Incident still fluid.


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