GMO Labeling in Oregon STILL Undecided



By Cheri Roberts

One would think if Oregon passed the both recreational marijuana (measure 91) and equality of rights (measure 89), that of course GMO labeling (measure 92) would be a slam-dunk, I mean come on, it’s Oregon; tree-hugging, bike riding, granola munching, pot smoking Oregon. Sadly, as of this morning the GMO labeling vote is still too close to call with a “NO” vote hovering a slight lead.

Why would Oregonians pass so many liberal bent laws and neglect to send this baby through?

Money. Big lobbying money from food and Agricultural business who do not want GMO labeling to pass. Monsanto, as the donor ringleader, contributed just shy of  $6 million while food company, Con-Agra, gave $350,000. In total, “No on 92”, created an influx of more than $17 million dollars of fighting money making it Oregonians most expensive ballot measure in history.

There is no question money talks when it comes to politics and elections.


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