LIAR OF THE WEEK: The United States Government


For decades the United States Government has systemically lied to the masses about the safety of marijuana. As medical and recreational marijuana legalizes state by state the Federal Government still calls it a crime and can intervene at anytime. Cannabis is still classified as a Schedule-1 drug alongside drugs like Heroin and LSD although now legalized for recreational use in Colorado, Washington State, Oregon, Alaska and in Washington D.C.

With copious amounts of solid research we now know cannabis cures. It has been proven that cannabis cures many forms of Cancer and lessens the detrimental affects of diseases like Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis and more. Glorious ganja improves ones quality of life, not takes it away. Pot is no more a gateway “drug” than coffee and is infinitely safe than alcohol.

Shame on you United States Government. Your citizens are tuning out your propaganda and fighting back.



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