The “High” Five


By Cheri Roberts

After last nights election America now has 5 legal recreational marijuana states or districts; Oregon, Alaska and Washington D.C. have joined the ranks of Colorado and Washington State who passed their laws 2-years ago and enacted them this year.

Tuesday’s vote means Washington, D.C., and Oregon join Colorado and Washington in allowing adults to posses and consume marijuana just for fun.” ~ Trevor Hughes, USA Today

Talk about a “high” five!

There are more states to follow on the cannabis band wagon. For instance, recreational marijuana will be on many ballots across the country in the 2016 election. States like California are almost certain to pass. You can keep tabs on what your state is doing HERE. Sadly Florida’s medical marijuana law did not pass this time around. For now Floridians will have to continue to purchase their life-saving medicine illegally risking their freedom just to be well.

Those states that have already legalized stand the most to gain from tourism dollars. Colorado has had a large influx of tourists since it legalized. As more and more states adopt recreational weed laws, the tourism dollars will begin to balance out. Eventually, unless infringed on by the Federal Government, there will be little ganja lookie-loo dollars because it will simply be available wherever you are. Legal states should take advantage of this window while they have it and spend as much on tourism advertising as they did on passing their ballot measures.


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2 responses to “The “High” Five

  1. We need to get federal officals from these states to begin the work needed to sponsor a national decriminalization of marijuana now.


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