Who Will Bring Violence to Ferguson?


IMAGE SOURCE: theblacksphere.net

By Cheri Roberts

Locked & Loaded

With a grand jury decision ready to come down at any time, Ferguson, Missouri protesters are peacefully organizing and preparing their response; unlike the non-peaceful positioning of the United States Government who has brought in heavy artillery and armored vehicles. Missouri Gov. Dixon pre-emptively declared a State of Emergency and activated the National Guard, essentially instigating martial law.

Violent Expectations and Racial Propaganda

The FBI has pretty much said the country should expect violence an a national level once the decision on whether Darren Wilson will be indicted is announced. A United States Veteran’s group has publicly asked the National Guard to protect protesters, not police.

Klu Klux Klan

Members of white supremacist group, the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) — as well as some so-called, ‘Patriots’, have not just jockeyed for position, but have outright threatened violence against Mike Brown protesters in Ferguson and elsewhere while countless others spew hate-filled racist venom across the internet.


In an interesting twist, cyber-warrior activist group, ANONYMOUS, has hacked KKK Twitter accounts and at least one of their websites (www.kkk.net) which is now riddled with consumer ads. In addition, ANONYMOUS, posted the personal names, locations, emails and phone numbers of numerous KKK members for their threats.

Hands Up With Eyes Open

Things are heating up like never before in the government created race-war and the question begs, who exactly will be the ones to bring violence to Ferguson?


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