An Open Letter to Our Readers, Listeners & Fans



by Cheri Roberts & Anita Stewart, Challenging the Rhetoric & Guerilla Media Network

The creators and co-hosts of Challenging the Rhetoric, Anita Stewart and Cheri Roberts, do not support violence as a means or answer to those things that ail the American and international public. In light of recent developments in Ferguson, Missouri, it is important to state that we do not believe any opinion, push, punch or put-down is a justification for killing, especially with weaponry. We do not condone extreme reactions or restrictions from any political party, entity or individual; nor do we accept the, “guilty by association” reasoning that rules so many. We also do not support the looting, vandalizing and violence that took place after yesterday’s grand jury announcement.

As an independent media start-up we strive to be transparent in our position, beliefs and goals. As individuals, we are exactly that; individuals with our own positions, beliefs and goals. Commonly we strive for truth, justice and a return to a humanity that is based on mutual respect, compassion and teamwork in order to unite for a better chance to break the lock on the system that has so divided us as people.

No two people will agree on everything — regardless of how alike they are, so the idea that a whole nation could agree on everything is frankly unreasonable. Ironically, the idea that we have to agree on everything otherwise one or the other is somehow insane or wrong is just as unreasonable. It is our differences that make this country what it has always been. Free.


Anita & Cheri


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