By Cheri Roberts

For what is one of the most ridiculous hate filled fear-mongering lying pieces of so-called ‘news’ we have seen yet — regarding Ferguson protesters, RED FLAG NEWS (RFN) takes the cake and is this week’s LIAR OF THE WEEK. Siting two videos they did not link to, RFN says the organizer’s strategy is to ‘target’ white people and their children. The hate-piece meant to further escalate fear says,

“…violence is exactly what we should expect – more specifically, violence against Caucasians and their children.”

The videos in question are nothing more than footage of organizers discussing where to protest and understanding and addressing the need to step outside of their own backyard in order to reach people outside of the echo chamber of the choir, i.e. those who are already educated on the Mike Brown/Darren Wilson issue. This is a smart strategic move and certainly not one that carries with it any sinister motive.

Talk about ‘rhetoric’ and we challenge it! Tensions, racial and otherwise, are high in Missouri and across the nation. Reports like the one from RFN are irresponsible, disingenuous and dangerous.




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