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The long-overdue Torture Report is out and according to the Senate, the CIA are dirty rotten liars therefor this week’s, Challenging the Rhetoric, LIAR OF THE WEEK is the CIA.

The “official” story — as portrayed by our government and in the movie, Zero Dark Thirty, Bin Laden was found and killed due to a tip that was gleaned from United States torture tactics.

This is a lie.

According to an AP report,

But the CIA’s story, like the Hollywood one, is just not true, the Senate report on CIA interrogations concludes in a 14,000-word section of the report’s public summary.

“A review of CIA records found that the initial intelligence obtained, as well as the information the CIA identified as the most critical or the most valuable on Abu Ahmad al-Kuwaiti, was not related to the use of the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques,” the Senate investigation found.

By the way, in case you weren’t keeping track, Bin Laden has been reported dead so many times, which one was it really?

Pick one:


IMAGE SOURCE: Discovery Channel screenshot

Then of course there was that whole “burial at sea” lie so many still believe although it has been proven to be completely untrue.  I wonder how The Discovery Channel feels about participating in that propaganda?



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2 responses to “LIAR OF THE WEEK: CIA Over Torture

    • So you do not think that the issues that our country is facing right now are NOT as a result of blowback and the bombing and killing we are doing in other countries? The CIA does not make us safe, they put us in danger for the most part.

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