LIAR OF THE WEEK: James Mitchell the Torture Architect


by Cheri RobertsChallenging the RhetoricThe Guerilla Media Network

Former Air Force psychologist, James Mitchell is the LIAR OF THE WEEK for not only participating in torture in violation of the Geneva Convention, but also for creating it’s means, heading the team and profiting from the shame of our nation.

Mitchell and former colleague, Dr. Bruce Jessen — another retired Air Force Psychologist, are mentioned in the Senate report under the pseudonyms, Grayson Swigert (Mitchell) and Hammond Dunbar (Jessen).

In a VICE News piece, Mitchell admits,

Yes, I waterboarded KSM [Khalid Sheikh  Mohammed]. I was part of a larger team that waterboarded a small number of detainees.”

Jason Leopold reports that the majority of the CIA’s detention and interrogation program personnel were provided through Mitchell Jessen & Associates, i.e. the “team”. Mitchell said the whole point of waterboarding was to “induce fear and panic” and he acknowledged,

There were some abuses that occurred.” [at the black sites]

Mitchell [and Jessen] are psychologists. Deploying the sort of sadistic measures they, and their “team”, willingly inflicted on detainees is quite telling for men of their profession who swore to “first do no harm”. Another doctor, Hitler’s Josef Mengele, had a similar professional conflict of interest in his day.



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