Making Hash Oil From Legal Weed Is Illegal


IMAGE SOURCE: Jason Navarrete

By Cheri RobertsChallenging the RhetoricThe Guerilla Media Network

According to Colorado’s Attorney General, John Suthers, making CBD or hash oil from legally purchased or grown marijuana is against the law and not what the voters had in mind. Colorado’s Amendment 64 passed in 2012 legalizing recreational marijuana for adults; however, it “expressly prohibits” individuals from making butane hash oil whose production is looked upon as a threat to public safety.

In a statement, Suthers told reporters,

To decriminalize dangerous and unreasonable behavior in which people are getting hurt and houses are blowing up, defies the intent of the voters. Colorado is experiencing a real public safety issue as a result of unsafe and unlicensed manufacturing and production.”

Last May Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed a Bill regulating the quantity of concentrated cannabis that can be sold to an individual so that extracts were no longer measured or treated the same as bud. Many people are gravitating to the extracts for health reasons, not just for the enriched high the concentrates offer.

When the federal Government figures out how to profit from its citizens being happy and healthy — instead of miserable and sick, we will see genuine legalization without prohibitions on this amazing flower.


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