LIAR OF THE WEEK: Governor Bobby Jindal and ‘No Go Zones’


by Anita Stewart of Challenging the Rhetoric and Wise Women Media

Self proclaimed Terrorism Expert, Steve Emerson’s media flub of 2-weeks ago regarding the so-called ‘No Go Zones’ in Europe, most notably the entire city of Birmingham, England and the debunking of those claims led to Emerson’s eventual public apologyBut Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal — apparently trying to make brownie points, continued the same rhetoric and made the same claims last week and insisted that he was correct when quizzed and questioned by media.

Think Progress defines Jindal’s ‘No Go Zone’ as,

” … areas in England and France that some American conservatives have erroneously claimed are so dominated by extremist Muslims that police forces simply do not enter.”

Europeans, even the Prime Minister of England, David Cameron thought these claims were a joke.


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