NOTHING IS BLACK AND WHITE: 50 Shades of Grey Surrounding Death of “Grey State” Filmmaker David Crowley



by Cheri RobertsChallenging the RhetoricThe Guerilla Media Network

When someone takes their life the first thing everyone else asks is, ‘Why?’ That’s a natural reaction; so is denial. It’s hard to accept that someone you know and or love is gone, especially if it’s by their own hand. When that someone is someone of any notoriety or celebrity over something controversial, knee-jerk suspicions are also somewhat of a normal natural reaction.

In the world of conspiracies it is hard to see through and beyond all the smoke and mirrors because sometimes the smoke is coming from our own cigarettes. It’s a world were paranoia is served sunny-side up with your morning orange juice. Everything and everyone is suspect when you are in the business of truth-telling. Unfortunately when I say ‘everyone’ that includes one’s self.

The Differing Reports

Covering a ‘murder/suicide’, USA Today reported,

The Hennepin County medical examiner’s office determined that Crowley, 29; his wife, Komel, 28; and their 5-year-old daughter, Raniya, each died of a single gunshot wound to the head.

The deaths of Komel and Raniya have been ruled homicides, while Crowley died of suicide, the medical examiner’s office said.”

However, media outlets like Infowars and the Inquisitr ran more sinister headlines like,

“Conspiracy Theorists, Hacker Group ‘Anonymous’ Reportedly Blame Government For David Crowley’s Death, Insist He Was Assassinated”


Nearly two-years ago investigative journalist, Michael Hastings, was killed in a highly unusual car accident under very suspect circumstances. The conspiracy theories that cropped up within minutes of his death were worthy of more than a glance. Two-years before that the same thing happened surrounding the unexpected death of another investigative journalist, Andre Breitbart. The death of David Crowley and his family should get no less scrutiny.

No one wants to believe someone like Crowley would do what he has been accused of. Mostly because few think of Crowley as a person, struggling through the slush like the rest of. When we put people on pedestals and label them heroes we somehow assign super-powers to them and expect them to be infallible. Such was the case with investigative journalist, Michael C. Ruppert who took his own life last April. Such may be the case with David Crowley.

It’s not harmful to ask questions about mysterious things. Crying ‘Hoax”, “Murder” or otherwise foul without facts, can be.

Did he Do It?

The late American satirist and anti-war activist, author of  ‘Catch 22’, Joseph Heller, said,

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.

Were ‘they’ after him? He was certainly making a movie the American government would want to silence. There is no question there, but even those close to him, who have been comparing notes since the tragedy, believe the official report that Crowley shot and killed both his wife and daughter before taking his own life … at least for now.


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