Nuke or Chemical Plant? What Really Happened in the Ukraine?



By Anita Stewart 

After monitoring the corporate news outlets for 2-days, very little has been said about what is really happening in the Ukraine. This important, strategically centered area is in a civil war and the US could be backing the wrong side. Also worth mentioning are the important resources of oil and natural gas there.

Now there are threats coming from Russia and if the US decides to enter into this conflict it could result in some very bad moves, be disastrous for foreign policy, put a stop to future negotiations, eliminate any possibility for peace and indeed, is a high stakes chess game for the survival of our planet.

Sticks, Stones And Flexing Muscles

Evgeny Buzhinsky, a military expert at the Moscow-based PIR Center and a former Lieutenant General in the Russian Army said to the Moscow Times, “ Russia would reasonably consider the US to be a direct participant in the conflict,” if the US sends arms and that Russia would “act accordingly.” And that Russia will “…respond asymmetrically against Washington or it’s allies on other fronts.” Russia would also consider any shipments of weapons to the Ukraine as a declaration of war and as a violation of international law.

This past Monday, President Obama said he would consider sending arms to aid the war torn country when in the past he had been against aiding in any way. Now “all options are on the table” which is code for nuclear weapons being added into the mix.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande met with Putin last week and talks were supposed to have commenced today in Minsk, Belarus. The two countries have higher stakes in these war games as the entire EU (European Union) get most of their oil and gas from Russia and the pipelines and transport routes are through the Ukraine.

Chemicals Or Nuclear Or … Does It Matter?

On Feb 8th, a huge explosion complete with a large mushroom cloud was documented on video from several phones in different vantage points in the city of Donetsk in the Ukraine, along with a ripple effect and secondary explosions that broke the glass in the windows of those that were recording. The videos were quickly uploaded onto YouTube and then the news circulated on the internet. Then, just as quickly, a story was viraled about this not being a nuclear release but a large explosion at a chemical plant or a weapons depot.

The sketchy information that we in the west have is that this was a weapons plant that processed chemicals for bombs, ammunition and industrial explosives. The official cause is that the fire was started by a cigarette butt. Other reports say that the plant was shelled. There was no notice of a toxic chemical release and and no evacuation of residents nearby and no official numbers of casualties. The spokesman for Kiev’s Anti-Terrorist Operation said that rebels were at fault for the accident. Also as of this writing, no pictures of a destroyed or bombed out chemical plant or weapons depot have been released from any news source or independent photographers.

For more on the talks in Minsk, Belarus taking place now: CLICK HERE.


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