FBI Director James B. Comey Makes Public Excuse For Racism in Law Enforcement



by Cheri RobertsChallenging the RhetoricThe Guerilla Media Network

In a surprising public speech at at Georgetown University, FBI Director, James B. Comey, made excuses for police brutality and the use of excessive force towards African-Americans in the United States. According to the NY Times, Comey said,

” … officers who work in neighborhoods where blacks commit crimes at higher rates develop a cynicism that shades their attitudes about race. [And that] that officers — whether they are white or any other race — who are confronted with white men on one side of the street and black men on the other do not view them the same way. The officers develop a mental shortcut that ‘becomes almost irresistible and maybe even rational by some lights’ because of the number of black suspects they have arrested.”

He went on to say law enforcement were not “the root” of the problem and blamed, “environments lacking role models, adequate education and decent employment” and their “lack of opportunity” instead.

Unfortunately, Comey’s reasoning does not address the actual per capita issue of so-called Black crime. His rational would begin to fall apart if he did. He also said that all people have “unconscious racial biases” whether they realize or admit it or not while claiming people, “cannot help their instinctive reactions“.

At least he is admitting to the racism and bias!

Comey said law enforcement needs to,

“ … design systems and processes to overcome that [racism] very human part of us all.”

Sadly, even with this very public admission all the naysayers will still cry, “Nay” and live their lives in denial of a problem that has become epidemic in this country.

On a positive note, Comey said he gave the speech in order to have the dialog we have yet to have in the face of what happened in Ferguson, Missouri surrounding the death of 19-year old Michael Brown.

One thing Challenging the Rhetoric can agree with wholeheartedly from Comey’s speech is that,

It’s hard to hate up close.”

Heya Comey? The balls in your court to walk the walk you just talked.


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13 responses to “FBI Director James B. Comey Makes Public Excuse For Racism in Law Enforcement

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    “The practical construction of American life is a convention against us. Human law may know no distinction among men in respect of rights, but human practice may. Examples are painfully abundant ” ~ Frederick Douglass

    It is painfully abundant in the contemporary examples: #HandsUpDontShoot; #ICantBreathe; and #BlackLivesMatter. The problem is that there has evolved a consensus focus of Liberal and conservative pundits on a distorted vision that our broken judicial system does not value the view that “Black Lives Matter”. That astigmatized consensus is blind to our judicial systems’ historical legacy that systematically devalues the testimony of blacks that bear witness to white misconduct. The recent prejudicial presentation by prosecutors and the clearly astigmatic judgement of grand jurors in racially charged cases in Ferguson, Mo. and New York bears witness to prosecutors that devalue black life and grand jurors that devalue non white testimonity.

    In 1860, Frederick Douglass captured the astigmatic colorblind vision adopted by our contemporary prosecutors and grand jurors by observing that prejudice is “always blind to what it never wishes to see, and quick to perceive all it wishes.”

    We can train the cops to value Black Lives, and ameliorate the injustice of being accosted by cops, but when accosted by prosecutors and grand jurors how do we restructure “the practical construction of American life” to value the testimony of non-whites to ameliorate the injustice of being judged.



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