Abby Martin Says Goodbye to RT


by Cheri RobertsChallenging the RhetoricThe Guerilla Media Network

Two and a half years after the launch of, “Breaking the Set” and one year after speaking out about Russia’s aggression in Crimea live on her show, journalist and news anchor, Abby Martin, bids adieu` to RT America.

In a statement on her website, Media Roots, Martin says of her time at RT,

RT has given me opportunities I will be eternally thankful for and hosting Breaking the Set has been the best and most invaluable experience of my life. I never imagined the kind of support it would generate, proving how many people are hungry for raw truth and systemic change.”

To some, Martin’s departure from RT may seem sudden, but friends say this has been in the works for some time. Martin says she isn’t “stopping“just because she is leaving RT and assures her fans she will continue writing — with a “focus on investigative field reporting“, while seeking a new platform that supports her show’s vision; possibly turning to crowdsourcing.

There is a worthy new platform that recently celebrated its one-year anniversary that, for the most part, does share and support much of Martin’s journalistic vision. In fact, she already has a supporter on the masthead. Will The Intercept‘s co-founder, Glenn Greenwald, start courting Miss Martin? That remains to be seen, but First Look, would be lucky to have her and she would be a magnificent addition to an already strong team. They better hurry, maybe VICE will grab her first!


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11 responses to “Abby Martin Says Goodbye to RT

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  4. Criticising Putin’s activities in Ukraine outs her as possibly a new world order shill. The new world order is against Putin because he’s been hoarding gold and threatening to abandon the petrodollar, threatening the hegemony of the Western central banking oligarchy who have hyped the Ukraine issue, potentially shot down the malaysian airliner, orchestrated social destabilisation campaigns like the pussy riot fiasco and the erroneous gay rights campaign against Putin etc.


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