LIAR OF THE WEEK: Freelee the “Banana Girl” Over Potassium Health Lies


by Cheri RobertsChallenging the RhetoricThe Guerilla Media Network

Blogger and supposed “health guru” the “Banana Girl” Freelee is the LIAR OF THE WEEK. Not only lying to her fans and readers, she is lying intentionally. people with diabetes and those with kidney issues cannot eat potassium at the levels Freelee insists are safe. Freelee says,

The only people who should be concerned about their potassium intake are those in hospital with renal failure. Their kidneys are not working properly due to their adherence to a crap diet and lifestyle. Don’t be scared of the humble banana! It will turn you into a superhuman if you eat enough of them.”

That is a lie!

The fact is, Freelee’s suggestions can cause severe health risks and even death and she knows it. Even healthy people should not consume such high quantities of potassium. Thanks for the “Killer” advice Freelee, shame on you!



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