Is the NSA Spying on Our Children Too?


By Cheri RobertsChallenging the RhetoricCheri Speak

I have no concrete proof that anything like this is happening, what follows is not an accusation, merely a question I am not seeing asked in the whole of the domestic spying equation and I don’t know why. I get that we all generally assume the teachers, babysitters, school bus drivers, and  other people who have easy daily access to our children, have been screened or otherwise vetted and deemed reasonably safe. Unfortunately, history has shown ‘safe’ is not always the case.

It Happens …

Over the decades we have seen plenty of news stories about teachers who had affairs and even run off with their students, pedophiles who where found to be operating day care centers, school bus drivers molesting students and more. Just look at the myriad people busted on the TV show, “To Catch a Predator” over the years. The fact is, sick people are everywhere; they come from all walks of life, including some of those least expected. No profession is free from those who prey on children.


Why have we not had a public discussion about what all of this NSA (and other alphabet agency) spying could potentially mean for our children? With proven access via smart phones, smart TVs, computers, web cams, iPads and a plethora of other avenues; our kids are even more vulnerable to sexual predators then ever before at any time, any where they are; even when they are sitting right beside you watching television.

While we worry about who they’re talking to online, shouldn’t we be equally as worried as to who within our government may be watching them, when they are watching them, where they are watching them at and why?

Who, What, Why?

Recent reports about inappropriate student data collecting in schools address only a small portion of America’s kids’ non privacy. Khaliah Barnes is the director of the student privacy project at the Electronic Privacy Information Center and in a December article published in the NY Times she reports,

The collection of student data is out of control. No longer do schools simply record attendance and grades. Now every test score and every interaction with a digital learning tool is recorded. Data gathering includes health, fitness and sleeping habits, sexual activity, prescription drug use, alcohol use and disciplinary matters. Students’ attitudes, sociability and even “enthusiasm” are quantified, analyzed, recorded and dropped into giant data systems.

Some schools use radio frequency identification tags to track student location throughout the school day. Other schools use “human monitoring services” that read student email and then contact local law enforcement if something is amiss. Students and parents will never see the vast majority of information collected.”

Much, if not most, of this invasive activity towards our minor children is happening without parental knowledge or consent.

President Obama’s recently proposed “Student Digital Privacy Act lacks any push to address this door technology has propped open and instead proposes things that address the potential of data mining to be used for advertising purposes. No one is talking about the potential of Government prevs wanking their Willy while watching your kid do their homework, text a friend or host their next slumber party.


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