New Charges Against State Department’s Pedophile Pervert Raises More Questions About Domestic Surveillance and Children

IMAGE SOURCE: handout photo provided by the Fairfax County, Va. Sheriff’s Office

IMAGE SOURCE: handout photo of mug shot provided by the Fairfax County, Va. Sheriff’s Office

By Cheri RobertsChallenging the RhetoricCheri Speak

Three weeks ago, Challenging the Rhetoric, brought up the previously unasked question regarding the privacy and safety of minors caught up in America’s domestic spying programs. The day before the story came out, 44-year old Daniel Rosen, a State Department official from the counter terrorism unit, was arrested in Fairfax County, Virginia, on charges of soliciting sex from someone he thought was a 14-year old girl online over a 2-month period of time. The child was in fact a detective.

This week Rosen was arrested again, this time on charges of “stalking” and “voyeurism” . According to Raw Story,

Rosen filmed about 40 videos of 24 victims while peering through the windows of their Washington homes between July 2013 and December 2014, according to charging documents.

He appeared in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia on Monday on one count each of voyeurism and stalking. He was permitted to stay confined at home until his next court date on April 21 as long as he does not access the Internet or use a camera or video equipment, including a phone that has a camera.”

So far reports and statements on the recent arrest have said these newly discovered victims were all “women” and took place over a 6-month period of time. None have addressed whether his security clearance and access to government surveillance enabled him in any way with these or yet unknown victims..

Caught Red Handed, But …


When, “Is the NSA Spying on Our Children Too?“, went live on the site, details of Rosen’s arrest were still unknown, but the implications of pedophilia within any government agency with access to surveillance technologies was on our mind. Sadly, few people are willing to tackle this elephant in the living room even in light of Rosen’s initial arrest..

Rosen’s clearance has been yanked and he has been placed on administrative leave, but no one is asking what other means of access this man [and maybe others as our previous story suggests] has had to our children via devices. And, to the plethora of smart devices and other access points we mentioned, it has since come to light that at least one rental car company, Hertz, has installed video cameras in their rentals and Matel’s new interactive “Hello Barbi” has an interactive speech recognition program and Wifi.

What Are We Doing???



The total invasion of privacy taking place is unprecedented, except in the imagination’s of people like George Orwell (1984) and Terry Gilliam (Brazil). As we pointed out, people of all classes, genders, races, proclivities and religions have been found to be pedophiles. Look at the massive pedophile ring recently exposed within the UK Govt that allegedly reaches within our own. The mere possibility should not be overlooked, when we already have cases like Rosen’s here in the States.

Although no one wants to imagine who may be watching, stalking, or interacting with our children — let alone masturbating to their images or voices in real time, we should all be imagining exactly that. We should be asking hard questions and demanding accountability and reassurances.* Laws are wholly inadequate and do little more than address advertising to children while neglecting — just like we all have been, what all of this really means and just how victimized America’s children are.

*As of this publication, the NSA, State Department and several elected officials have declined to respond to Challenging the Rhetoric’s inquiries.


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