COASTAL CHAOS: Florida is Sinking While California Dries Up



By Cheri RobertsChallenging the RhetoricCheri Speak

Last week on Challenging the Rhetoric we covered the reality that Florida is sinking, this week California’s drought intensifies and new laws are enacted. supposedly to encourage conservation more so than to criminalize. Many people in the state are balking at the far reaching laws that restrict lawn watering to two days a week and even makes it illegal for restaurants to serve water unless a customer specifically asks for it.



Regardless of the hoopla, these laws are nothing new. As a child growing up in Littleton, Colorado we had odd and even watering days and as a former restaurant worker, it has been ages since a server has automatically brought me a glass of water without me asking.



Meaningless laws do little to resolve or even address what is becoming a dire problem. According to NASA, CA only has a years worth of water reserves. What’s a state to do? Gizmodo has a few suggestions including getting rid of lawns, bottled water and even car washes. After four years of progressing drought, Californian’s need to get it is do or die time.


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