LIAR OF THE WEEK: Kit Daniels of Info Wars for Raw Story Rape Story


By Cheri RobertsChallenging the RhetoricCheri Speak

According to Kit Daniels’, Journalist & Associate Editor of I &, “LEFTIST MEDIA CLAIMS IF YOU SUPPORT SECOND AMENDMENT, YOU SUPPORT RAPE [caps belong to author]” The slam was against alternative news outlet, Raw Story.

However, “Raw Story” didn’t make the claim Daniels says it made; the woman who wrote the article claimed this. Let’s get it straight, just as it is the writer of this piece and not Info Wars itself who is being called out for the misleading headline and story. Playing “Rhetoric” is only a distraction to an important conversation, however badly The Raw Story reporter worded it and however any of you lean on the issue.

These kinds of “news” stories whether from corporate, alternative or indie media, are why Anita Stewart and I spend every Wednesday Challenging the Rhetoric. Otherwise it’s just the ‪#‎SSDD‬



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7 responses to “LIAR OF THE WEEK: Kit Daniels of Info Wars for Raw Story Rape Story

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