Personalized Googlebots Can “Revive” the Dead



By Cheri Roberts, of Challenging the Rhetoric and Cheri Speak

If you’ve never seen the 2009 movie, Surrogates, starring, Bruce Willis, right now might be a good time to dim the lights and watch what should be considered a horror film, not a sci-fi drama. What makes it so horrible is that each day brings us closer to the reality the film portrays, just like today. We know Google has been buying up a lot of robotic companies as of late, has even launched an automaton vehicle, but this week Google was awarded a Patent to customize personalities on robots.


You can read it yourself here, but according to the Patent, these robots can be programmed with countless personalities. They can even be programmed to mimic the personalities, speech patterns and sentence structures of real people; including yourself, an ex or the deceased [creepy]. Can you imagine a bunch of robotic Hitlers, Jesus Christs, or Kardashians walking around? How many grieving parents will ‘revive’ lost children? How many lonely people will trade in online relationships for the virtual of all virtual boyfriends or girlfriends? Another movie comes to mind, Her, starring, Joaquin Phoenix, a 2013 film whose absurdities don’t seem so far-fetched in light of technologies scorching trail across our lives.

These invasive technologies, however exciting, are frightening and have implications we haven’t even realized yet. As it is, the implications in front of our faces doesn’t seem enough and at the rate we are going, The Matrix, the 1999 flick starring, Keanu Reeves, is just as close an analogy as the other films I’ve mentioned. The point is, from implanted computer chips and unnecessary bionics to night-vision injections in our eyeballs and plastic surgery options to make us look like, Bratz, dolls and Anime characters; robotized versions of ourselves makes perfect sense. Right?


The makers of these movies are just as much visionaries or prophets as many believe George Orwell was with his writings, particularly the book [and later movie], 1984. The same could be said for, Ayn Rand, and her dystopia laid out in Atlas Shrugged.

Individuals continue to lose footing by taking the human out of humanity using fiber optics to prop up their lives while each successive generation is being programmed as surely as our many electronic devices are. Soon we will be battling and debating, ‘robot rights’ and their right to vote and marry too.


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