The Arrested Development of Ferguson Missouri; the City that Cannot Heal and a Co-Dependent Country that Cannot Cope


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By Cheri Roberts, of Challenging the Rhetoric and Cheri Speak

A year after the killing of unarmed 19-year-old, Michael Brown, by a police officer in Ferguson, MO, the sad anniversary is marked by more. More violence. More riots. More arrests. The authorities have once again declared a state of emergency, citing “the potential for harm to persons and property” for the St. Louis suburb and it’s surrounding areas according to St. Louis County Executive, Steve Stenge.

An 18-year- old, Tyrone Harris, was charged with four criminal counts after exchanging gunfire with police and others. He is currently in critical condition at a local hospital.

Dozens of people have been arrested.

Is It 2014 or 2015?



Is the past repeating itself?

Or … is there no “past”, yet, for Ferguson?

This past year hasn’t been a year of change, growth or healing for the people of Ferguson and for many other African-Americans across the nation. It also hasn’t been a good year for “the citizen” — unless you changed your name to, “Caitlyn Jenner“.

Yes, “Black Lives Matter“, but the problem is bigger than just “black” or “brown”. It’s bigger than Ferguson, MO. It’s bigger than gay or straight or transgender bullying and beating. It’s bigger than rich or poor. It’s bigger … because we have forgotten that all lives matter and we haven’t acknowledged the truth; that there is a very real epidemic of excessive force due to what is clearly a deep-seated [pathological?] psychological problem growing within law enforcement ranks across the country.

Racism Is Real, But …


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Yes, racism is way more rampant than everyone wants to admit, but the problem isn’t just about race.

The pervasiveness of that Kul-Kul-Kult’ish behavior was barely swept under the rug to begin with. It was a societal farce, however; it was when governments began militarizing police departments and moving DHS ICE facilities and equipment into neighborhoods along with their MRAP’s, that the Kult of the Vader’esque “Police State” truly began. Racism has just made it easier for those already steeped in that Kul-Kul-Kulture to use their badges as excuses to use their guns. And, even though statistics clearly show, “black lives”, have been targeted much more often, the police problem is not unique to the color of skin.

No One’s Winning This “Race”


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As long as we let “interest” media and governments frame the so-called “debate”, not only is there no debate, there also can be no resolution. We continue to be distracted while they continue to data-mine us to death; reading, listening, watching, everything we do.

We have spent years on the so-called “debates” without recognizing and reckoning our ways all the while our local “Peace Officers” somehow became “Law Enforcement” and we now live in a world where the possibility of being killed by a cop is no longer just a Hollywood plot.

The “debate” is the distraction and it is intentional.

We have a big problem that is getting bigger, not “blacker”.


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12 responses to “The Arrested Development of Ferguson Missouri; the City that Cannot Heal and a Co-Dependent Country that Cannot Cope

  1. Thank you! It is really unfortunate that it has to become a race issue before murders, committed by the Cops, get any attention. It’s not like there is a shortage of cases, but how long can these “incidents” be dismissed as freak accidents or rogue officers, look at the numbers. The Media has seriously failed us, just look at the Nick Christie case, a 62 year old man, pepper sprayed to death while tied in a restraint chair. How did that not become an international headline? In another Fl. case, an 84 year old had his neck broken by a Cop for touching him, the Cop felt threatened, ..really? Etc., etc…

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