The Responsibility and Vulnerability of “Access”

Cheri Speak

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By Cheri Roberts of Cheri Speak and Challenging the Rhetoric

It occurred to me that I am fortunate in the access I have to so many people around the world; particularly people of import [to me] in the United States. I used to joke that, I “collected people”, but it’s kind of true. It wasn’t until — somewhere along the way, people started collecting me in the same way that I began to understand there comes a responsibility to having access to another; be it a person or entity.

That realization was a strange role reversal and I have since ventured forward with it in mind.

Costs & Benefits of Access

Graphic Stock license Graphic Stock license

Having access to another comes at a price. This is true of all human relationships from personal or familial to business, friend or foe. Sometimes the price of access is trust or loyalty. Sometimes the price is literal…

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