LIAR OF THE WEEK: Anita Stewart Lies About Challenging the Rhetoric


By Cheri Roberts of Challenging the Rhetoric and Cheri Speak 

After many months of silence and keeping me blocked, Anita Stewart decided to make a statement regarding my continuance of Challenging the Rhetoric; calling me a thief among other things.


CTR’s #LOTW Anita Stewart of not so Wise Women Media

She also accused financial donors of being thugs; I should mention, one “thug” is a doctor, an Internist in Indiana; the other “thug” a retired and disabled mailmen from Massachusetts.

Apparently filing fraud complaints against Anita with GoFundMe and PayPal equals “thuggery” and gives her reason to slander people. No one EVER made ANY threats of harm against Anita.

Below is just one of the social media post claims she has been making:


IMAGE SOURCE: Facebook screenshot

Since the morning Anita stole the donations, redirected the URL, kyped the Facebook page I created and shut-down the show she has not only refused to respond to the donors or myself, but she periodically blocked and unblocked us; including from having the ability to call or email her. She has never once contacted me with ANY explanation of any of her dubious actions. She has disallowed any of us to post on the Facebook page I’d created to let everyone know I had completely separated myself from her and why and those who did get a post in had their post quickly deleted and then their profile banned.

Anita claims to have solely paid the monthly fee for the air-time for the show. This, among other things she claims, is untrue. I myself and E. Michael Silakowski both PayPal’d her funds. She paid half of the air-time fees, yes via her credit card, but the money didn’t originate from her own acct. In addition she fails to mention the business cards and other marketing materials I designed and paid for, the subscription to VideoScribe I paid for, the android tablet  I paid for or the TWO website upgrades I paid for. Maybe she doesn’t remember there are these things called electronic payment records and receipts?

She also doesn’t mention she is actively working for the Green Party — running several social media accounts for them, when we positioned the show from the beginning as one giving NO political endorsements nor having any political party affiliations.

She neglects to inform she never even scheduled a single guest, including her weekly on-air promise of delivering her “good friend” Dennis Kucinich as a guest on #TheGRILL segment of the show — who by the way NEVER even responded to any of her requests. Nor did she make mention of the guests she mishandled, like Guy McPherson.

Did she mention she’d been sabotaging the show for months via the mirror site she had secretly created and was promoting behind my back all the while sucking more and more money and time out of me and my personal friends?


There’s a lot she doesn’t mention, but I have no need or desire to continue the list.

Retired Mailman, E. Michael Silakowski & Internist, Dr. Vivek Sahgal

Retired Mailman, E. Michael Silakowski & Internist, Dr. Vivek Sahgal

Last night after Anita made the above post, one of the frauded donors, E. Michael Silakowski, responded to her post with the following comment:

IMAGE SOURCE: E. Michael Silakowski screenshot

IMAGE SOURCE: E. Michael Silakowski screenshot

Of course his comment was quickly removed and then she removed her own post.

Maybe Anita finally realizes that I do actually own CTR and that it is a real registered Assumed Business Name (ABN) in MY name and that the men she stole from are not going to let her get away with it? Maybe Anita realizes I have a union attorney for this kind of sabotage and slander to fix her liable-ass?

Shame on you, Anita Stewart. YOU are the LIAR OF THE WEEK on Challenging the Rhetoric. Not only did you do none of the work towards the website, the show or the social media; you did no work at all except hold your hand-out to take the money and run.



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