New Study Shows Huge Step Forward in Real Mind Control Science


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By Cheri Roberts of Challenging the Rhetoric and Cheri Speak 

It’s been decades since science discovered we could use animal parts to replace some human organs; longer since the invent of organ transplants themselves. The collective gasps so loudly heard in the days of Dolly the sheep, are long silent as we’ve ridden wave after wave of technological advances. Now we cringe over genetically modified food (GMO) — as we probably should, yet somehow some who previously pooh-pooh’d tech like the RFID chip are now acquiescing and finding merit in its uses. Technology barrels us along at the speed of the propaganda pushing it forward and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a thing of the so-called “future”.

Today an implanted device the width of a human hair can deliver drugs directly to the brain [or otherwise alter brain chemistry] and has the evolving power to remotely change our emotions or feelings and thoughts; even those of sensation, i.e. may be able to remove pain. According to researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine​, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Colorado Boulder, they have created a wireless device that can do this, at least, so far so in mice.

It is boasted as a great medical discovery that could ultimately help countless people.

Should We Be Afraid?

VICE magazine compares the potential effects of this technology to that of a drug and raises excellent questions about human addiction with the ability to change our own emotional perception of the world around us at the push of a button saying,

You could create your own reality, instead of having your emotions be subject to the external world around you. This, essentially, is the essence of addiction.”

The potential for [probable] addiction is just one branch of concern.

While acquiring the knowledge and ability itself is certainly a testament of a huge scientific leap, the reality of the technology removes any lingering question of whether a human mind and body can be manipulated as a computer. AMC’s TV show, Humans about a parallel present, just got more real; especially it’s character, “Leo” who is human, but with some internal computer technology (whereas his counterparts on the show are AI synthetics or “Synths” with a “life code” that allows them human thought, emotion and freewill).

As a child I couldn’t wait for George Jetson’s flying car and I thought robots would be pretty cool because hey, who wouldn’t love to have a “Rosie” around to save the day? Now I can only see the complications ahead.

Advances that can help don’t always get used to help and they always get into the hands of bad people.

Think About This

According to the study’s other co-principal investigator, John A. Rogers, PhD, professor of materials science and engineering at the University of Illinois,

We’ve successfully produced and demonstrated an implantable, cellular-scale microfluidic and micro-optical interface to biology, with application opportunities not only in the brain but in other parts of the nervous system and other organs as well.”

And this from, Jordan G. McCall, PhD, a graduate student in Brucha’s lab,

Now, we literally can deliver drug therapy with the press of a button. We’ve designed it to exploit infrared technology, similar to that used in a TV remote. If we want to influence an animal’s behavior with light or with a particular drug, we can simply point the remote at the animal and press a button.”

Think about what corporations and governments could do with this technology. Think about what a real terrorist could do. Think about what a rapist or pedophile could do. Think about what anybody could do. It isn’t just tech that is growing. The human mind itself is gobbling up tech at unprecedented speeds.

That’s the scary part and yes, we should all be afraid.

History has clearly shown how so-called advances are used to hurt and harm as much as they are used to help. This sort of technology is the Holy Grail of human access and control.

The “Future” Is Now

Minus the flying car I mentioned earlier, we are now living in the “future” of my childhood.

Today we know that all of our electronic and communication devices [and more] are monitored and data-mined; including our children’s devices and toys.

We know there are automaton cars that drive themselves and pretty much most cars have computer chips that can be hacked.

We know smart devices installed in or already a part of vehicles can be remotely accessed allowing vehicle controls to be taken over from drivers by a passer-by or fellow commuter using a smart phone or laptop.

We know doctors can and do prescribe pills that have tiny RFID chips in them.

We know some employers, like jailers, have electronic leashes on their employees.

We know warfare tech has advanced to the degree of soldiers wiping out villages with the equivalent of a game console remote control while watching a screen from far-far away as if playing XBox, sometimes with the same attitude.

We know the government uses mental-health experts to design programs used to psychologically break other human beings like they have used at Abu Graib, Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) and other black sites; including rendition flights.

We also know those same governments have been working on legit “mind control” methods for decades.

We know a lot, but do we know enough to stop it? Do we even care anymore?

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