The Show (Re) Starts LIVE, Wednesday August 26, Don’t Miss It and Please Share


By Cheri Roberts, Cheri Speak and Challenging the Rhetoric

The re-start of Challenging the Rhetoric is set for next Wednesday night. The format will remain the same although I will not have a co-host. Instead I have added a new segment, the #MusicJones, where Emmy award-winning aviation artist and musician, Joe Jones, will be a recurring/returning guest-host for the segment each week.


Guests for #TheGRILL will continue to be different each week however; they will not only be male guests as was the previous model.


Of course, Liar of the Week (#LOTW) will continue on untouched.


The show has an original music score for all of it’s openings, closes and other bumpers. It’s a bit of a knock-off or nod to gumshoe music bits of the past. You can hear it in this temp promo trailer.

I will be broadcasting live using, Spreaker. The page is here and you can navigate to live or archived episodes from there; including on any of your devices. The show will also be available on iTunes and IHeartRadio. I will embed it on the CTR website and even make it accessible to you from your own Facebook page. The RSS feed will also be available and the archives will be uploaded on multiple platforms for playback or download. If possible, I want to avoid using Blog Talk Radio for the live show. I am happy to upload it there after it airs, but the quality I experienced last time [especially for the price], just wasn’t there.


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Soon I will be incorporating, YouTube Live [as I’d mentioned many times in the original podcast], into the mix and host Google video ‘Hangouts’ on-air while I am doing the show. That should be lots of fun and I am looking forward to getting to that point. I have the camera for it, but right now it’s a learning curve and a question of whether my [satellite] internet signal can handle it simultaneously. If not, I will establish some sort of ‘Town Hall’ type set-up outside of regular broadcast hours when i get to that point.

3d puppet with pencil and greencheck mark. On white background

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I am going to use it (YouTube Live) and you to help me figure out a few video things for my new business, Back to Bartering (more details on that in another post). I am relatively new to producing video; live or otherwise, so your participation with the CTR show will be a huge help and appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Don’t forget to hit up the show’s website and social media if you will and this is certainly a case where, “Sharing is Caring” <wink wink nudge nudge>.


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@CTRNewsFeed & @CTRMusicJones




If you like this or other Challenging the Rhetoric articles, please share it with others; follow our website, Facebook page and/or follow us @CTRNewsFeed on Twitter. Don’t forget to listen to the LIVE showWeds. @6pm PST/9pm EST. Thank you!

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