LIAR OF THE WEEK: Subway’s Jared Fogle the Pedophile


By Cheri Roberts of Challenging the Rhetoric and Cheri Speak

Subway’s ex-front-man, Jarred Fogle, who is said to be worth $15 million, is a pedophile pervert who set himself up with a non-profit foundation; the self-named, Jared Fogle Healthy Lifestyle Nationwide School Grant Program,  to take up the cause of childhood obesity.

Fogle boasted he would distribute $2 million to schools and other community organizations to fight the condition that had also plagued him. Sadly, no money ever went to the stated cause and investigations show there is money missing or unaccounted for while the rest went to lifestyle luxuries.

Daniel Borochoff, president of CharityWatch, said,

As with a lot of celebrities, the charity appears to be more about image-enhancement than charitable deeds.”

But it is much worse than mismanaged money and potential fraud,

According to ABC News,

Last week, Fogle agreed to plead guilty to charges that he paid for sex with minors and received child pornography. With the plea agreement, which a judge has to approve, Fogle must spend at least five years in prison and five years of supervisory release, but the final sentence will be up to the judge, federal authorities said.”

His plea includes crossing state lines to pay for sex with minors. Two of Fogle’s victims were 16 when he committed the sex crimes against them according to the prosecutors. The plea-deal can land Fogle five to 12½ years in prison, but the court still has to accept the agreement.

According to the prosecutor, Fogle had gone on a,

” … five-year criminal scheme to exploit children.”

USA Today adds,

A federal charging document states that Fogle first obtained child porn in March 2011 from a friend, who delivered the images via text messages and a thumb drive. At the time, Fogle’s second wife was pregnant with their first child. Their son was born in September 2011. Some of the child-porn images showed children as young as 6 in sex acts.”

Subway says it has severed all ties with Fogle and had no prior knowledge of his predilection or crimes. They are currently opening their own investigation.

Shame on you Jared Fogle, you are the Liar of the Week (decade). You are a sick, sick pig who will thankfully find just the right “6-inch” or “foot-long” rectal medicine in our country’s prison system.




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