Diet Starts With Die for a Reason and It’s Not Healthy


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By Cheri Roberts of Challenging the Rhetoric and Cheri Speak

Your best friend posts them; your mother posts them; even your doctor posts them. Diets are everywhere and ironically they contradict each other. What is a so-called “Superfood” one day, turns out to cause you illness the next.

They tell us to drop all grains.

They tell us to juice, juice, juice.

They tell us to go Raw.

They tell us to eat less protein and more carbs

They tell us to eat no carbs.

They tell us to eat a dozen or more bananas a day.

They tell us eat lots of good fats, not bad.

They tell us to drink more mixes and take more supplements.

They tell us a lot of things, but do they tell us the truth or did someone write a book, create a product or have some other agenda tied to the diet de jour?

I was the marketing director of an alternative health clinic in NE Portland, Oregon a few years ago. The “doctor” is a Chiropractor and Acupuncturist — both legit sciences and practices in my book, but I discovered many chiropractors glom-on to fads and gadgets in order to supplement their practices; particularly cleanses, detoxes and weight loss “systems”. Seeing the business end of a healthcare practice is mind-opening.

Are any of these “healthy diets” actually healthy?

There is no question our real food has evolved into something less than real. It started with processed foods and now deep in the GMO age we are finally coming to terms that what we have done to our food chain is on the cusp of no return. Yet, there are those who are still happy to open a box, bag or can and call it dinner, but what’s for breakfast is a belly full of bullshit.

And, so we run to the next or nearest remedy hawked and hyped to cleanse, heal and cure. Shed 20 pounds in 2-weeks one says. Another claims to rid you of parasites. There’s coffee enemas and green coffee beans; juices and lemonades; pills and seeds that swell inside to “fill you up” and pills to “catch” the bulk of the carbs before your body does.

Don’t get me started on the surgery options.

Now we hear about an eating disorder called, Orthorexia Nervosa: a fixation with healthy eating, to the point where it becomes a crippling compulsion, described as “a disease disguised as a virtue”.

What ever happened to just eating with common sense?

Our bodies were meant to eat, and yes, pleasure is a part of that process — otherwise we would not have been bestowed taste-buds, but eating is a means to an end and that end is living. If we do it wrong we DIEt.


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