LIAR OF THE WEEK: Wyandotte Michigan Teen and Her Fake a Baby Fuckery


By Cheri Roberts of Challenging the Rhetoric and Cheri Speak

Can you believe there is actually a website, posed as a “gag-gift” site, called Fake-a-baby? There is and it’s sick. Not only that, it’s causing problems. Or should we scratch that and say that sick people are causing problems with fake babies bought from this site.

When a company takes an “I’m pregnant” prank to the point of offering silicone baby bumps and breast pads; fake ultrasounds and sonograms; fake prego prescriptions and even fake DNA tests; it’s more than off the charts.

Sadly this company encourages women to fake pregnancies to get a man’s “attention” as seen in the screenshot off their site below:


IMAGE SOURCE: Screenshot from Fake-a-Baby

There are way too may weirdos in the world and quite frankly these items help enable — via props and “proof”, those who do fake pregnancies for nefarious reasons.

There have been women who have faked pregnancies in order to later pass off stolen/kidnapped babies …

There are young girls faking pregnancies to make money via donations …

There have been women who have faked pregnancies to fraud men …


IMAGE SOURCE: Fake-a-Baby screenshot

This isn’t the first time Fake-a-Baby has made the news in a negative way [could there be any other way?]. In 2013 A local Bakersfield, California, correctional officer was charged with abuse after his girlfriend faked a pregnancy using an ultrasound from the site. The charges were dismissed, but the site still remains,

Home of the $9.95 Fake Ultrasound

Unfortunately in the bad name of “Capitalism” too many think this businesses like this are, OK. This isn’t about being politically correct, but instead about being morally conscience.

*The teen girl’s name was unreleased due to being a miner. She is the niece of Jessica Adams as per The National Post.


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10 responses to “LIAR OF THE WEEK: Wyandotte Michigan Teen and Her Fake a Baby Fuckery

      • Whether they list directly, or help someone target another based on a half truth or whole lie makes little difference to me. Either way, they are making money off the misery of others, putting them in the same scum category.
        For liar of the week I thought you may have run into this one, There are a lot of folks really PO’d about this liar, it’s a publicity stunt. Greetings.


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