Matt Sistrunk’s EconRecon on Challenging the Rhetoric


By Matt Sistrunk (edited by Cheri Roberts) for Challenging the Rhetoric

In an effort to be sure we are regularly covering as many aspects of today’s important issues as we can, Challenging the Rhetoric, continues to grow and evolve. Because we realize the economy is always going to be of concern, we have created a new, recurring segment, called the EconRecon (#EconRecon). This new segment will address the economic concerns of today while staying abreast of creative ways to help us all get through these troubled times together.


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The EconRecon will promote effective “Economic Activism” through education, awareness and inspiration; with the goal of enhancing the lives of people worldwide. Each week, we will be asking stimulating questions that compel you to rethink what we all accept as “money” because money affects all people; regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or political predilections.

Despite our many differences, we still share inalienable human rights that unify that diversity by way of our appreciation of basic goodness and the recognition of our common need.


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We have a monetary system based on deceit; one that serves only a few while lending power at the expense of most. To be aware of this situation is the first-step toward protecting ourselves. While some say money is the root of all evil, we challenge that it is how we think about money; what we believe about money, is the real root of many of those evils.

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We each must ask ourselves,

Who determines what is our best interest and why do they have that privilege over us?”

Along with,

How have we accepted as normal that which goes against our best interests?”

These questions deserve more than a moment’s consideration because the answers affect not just you, but every single person you know and love. If you doubt that statement, look to the ever-rising costs of groceries alone.


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We have an obligation to each other, and the generations yet to come, to seek, correct and share historical untruths while letting go of old ideas in order to see new ones so that goodness can ultimately prevail.

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EconRecon endeavors to unlock the deceptive paradigm we call “money”; that carrot dangled by corporations and governments who urge us to chase and spend it.


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Because we now have better resources and tools, we can educate, empower and mobilize every-day people as “Economic Activists” to serve as part of the solution to one of the world’s most pervasive problems. To continue to arbitrarily accept the existing debt-based monetary system will only continue to enslave us.


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Understanding the reality of the situation is vital to an effective solution. Education is key in our plan to be free, but it takes more than a just few “Have-Nots” to overcome the imbalance the “Haves” have created since the beginning of time. Our foundational education includes monetary history that compares and contrasts interests of ruling classes with those of the people they rule.


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We endeavor to help correct that balance by correcting the historical perspective with accurate reports. We also promote discussion among intelligent, respectful, loving people from all walks of life and social classes. People and discussion, not debate, is the key to this process.


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As we gain a basic understanding of “money”, we will also gain a priceless perspective that enables us to accurately assess current events and how they affect our lives “in the now” in ways we could not otherwise comprehend. As we identify and engage real problems, we realize our own power to create a desirable world, benevolent and just to all. We here at CTR realize that, “money” is what we make it. “Currency” can be anything and its inherent value is what we as unique individuals, and then collectively, place on it.


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There will be no divisive rhetoric to distract us as we consider the idea that our own, very real power, is the solution. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The world’s Golden Rule is worth its weight. It really is that simple.


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Join Cheri Roberts and Challenging the Rhetoric every week for the #EconRecon, featuring Matt Sistrunk, CTR’s new “money man”; facilitator of productive, mutually respectful discussions about money matters and the economic reverberations that impact us all.

Your participation is greatly encouraged and always appreciated.


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