ON THIS WEEK’S CTR #MusicJones: Charlie B. Roberts, Worth Living


IMAGE SOURCE: Charlie B. Roberts

By Cheri Roberts of Challenging the Rhetoric and Cheri Speak

This week, Charlie B. Roberts, will be sharing the studio with #CTR host, Cheri Roberts, on the #MusicJones segment* of the show. Charlie currently makes his home in the beautiful high desert of Southern California and has been on the music scene since around the time Reagan was President.


IMAGE SOURCE: Charlie B. Roberts

Charlie B. writes and performs his unique music as if telling a story in an “I took a wrong turn in Nashville and found myself lost in the IE” sort of way. Charlie’s one of a kind sound is deeply infused by his folk-country-blues roots. Charlie’s songs are heartfelt and smattered with wit. His style is similar to his influences, Hiatt, Prine, Clark, Zevon, and others.

One of my personal favorites, that we will be featuring on this week’s #MusicJones, is a song called, “Worth Living”. It is definitely music with a message. Sadly, it’s message so simple yet we spend our time overlooking the obvious. here’s a few of the lyrics …

It’s about home.

It’s about love.

It’s about family,

Oh yeah, and tuckin’ in the little ones.

It’s about stand-up.

It’s about giving.

You know, helping out,

makes life worth living.

Makes life worth living.


IMAGE SOURCE: Charlie B. Roberts

In addition to performing, Charlie has an uncanny way of taking meaningful lyrics and and turning them into commercial gold.

This So Cal native has written andperformed music for both television and film. Charlie is a featured writer and performer on Dog Tales, an independent syndicated show running on over 120 stations across the country. His work has also been featured “And They’re Off”, and on the Showtime series “Wild Things” which was released in 2010. He’s also just a regular gigging musician every chance he gets.

You can find Charlie HERE on Facebook. If you visit his website you will be treated to a free a sampling of some of his fantastic music. If you are in  the Southern California area and would like to catch Charlie B. LIVE, you can find his show schedule HERE.

*Joe @CTRMusicJones will return next week.


LIVE Wednesday @ 6pm PDT/9pm EDT (archive available after the LIVE show).


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