Feeling a Bit Ambitious This Evening. Let’s Make Life Worth Living!

Cheri Speak

911-flag Image Source: churchillsparrot.blogspot.com

I just realized I bit off quite a chunk when I decided to add two new segments to the show on top of the other two I already had. That means each week, starting tonight, I will have three separate people on the air LIVE with me. Thankfully, not all at the same time. That becomes a real train wreck and there’s already enough to worry about.


That being said, tonight at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT, Challenging the Rhetoric centers around 9/11 in light of Friday’s 14th anniversary of that horrible day. This show is in support of those (some more than others, but in some ways all of us) who continue to be affected by the continued spiral of it’s very negative effects.

We won’t be discussing “theories” surrounding the events of that day tonight, and will instead be focused on awareness for the…

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7 responses to “Feeling a Bit Ambitious This Evening. Let’s Make Life Worth Living!

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