Activist to Activist

Cheri Speak

On a day that I know matters so much to all of you (be sure to take with a few grains of salt). Since that horrible day we call, “9/11” I have worked with you, I have cried with you, I have ridden the self righteous horse with you. I have been lifted-up by you and I have also been beaten-up by you over the years.

Outreach requires you to actually REACH OUT … NOT … alienate, divide or push away. TOO MANY so-called activists I know have become like the very “elitists” they say they hate so much.

Stop fighting each other.

Stop the BS circular ad hominem debate that has sucked you in for so many years and taken you out of the real game of DOING SOMETHING.

Too many throw the word “fact” out with such authority, authority that does not exist and in doing so make great…

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9 responses to “Activist to Activist

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