WEDS. SEPT. 16 PODCAST: How Bad Cops are Costing America, It’s More Than Money


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By Cheri Roberts of Challenging the Rhetoric and Cheri Speak

Please join us for an in-depth discussion about law enforcement this week on Challenging the Rhetoric. Our discussion will cover several aspects of the current cop issue that are simply NOT being covered by most other media. Our problem is bigger, deeper and much more significant than the carefully coordinated picture painted on the evening news and we need to talk about.

Cops – V – Disabled Children: Safer For You More Danger To Them

Host Cheri Roberts, will be joined by a 35-year old mother of a 12-year-old girl with Autism. Nicole Alexander has some very real concerns’ about local law enforcement and how her daughter – who is adult sized, will be perceived and treated should there ever be an encounter like we have seen happen with countless other children and adults with mental or physical disabilities.

Rasicm – V – Mental Illness: The Psychology On The Force

Former LAPD Narc cop Alex Salazar, joins us on #TheGRILL segment of #CTR to help us delve into the deeply neglected (or it is indoctrinated?) psyche driving police & sheriff departments across the country.

Just yesterday, the Surf City, North Carolina Police Chief stepped down over a racist Facebook post he made about activist group #BlackLivesMatter. In a 662-word post, he called Black Lives Matter,

” … nothing more than an American born terrorist group.”

#Racism is an ugly truth most don’t want to take a hard look at, but it isn’t the only problem going on there, yet time and again — primarily due to corporate media’s framing of the situation and people’s own unaddressed biases (one way or the other), most people across the country do not think there is even a problem at all; or, they blame the victims resulting from these psychological issues and we”re going to talk about why this really matters.

Andy Griffith – V – Darth Vader: The Costs of Militarization

The #EconRecon segment with Matt Sistrunk, will highlight the financial costs of what really is the militarization of what was once considered, our country’s “Peace” Officers; and what those investments by State and Federal Governments mean to regular people like you and me and to the towns and cities we live in; including their public schools, regular emergency services and infrastructure.

Social Responsibility – V – Social Irresponsibility: The Artist’s Obligation

The #MusicJones segment with Joe Jones, will feature up-and-comer country music artist, Drew Stedman. White country boy singing about real current events in a way the country music world has turned its back. Remember the days of Waylon, Willie and the Boys, you know “outlaw country” that had something important to say about the world around us and the systems that rule us? We do and #CTR feels all artists have an obligation to all history. They can also have a very powerful impact on current events; both positively and negatively; and they have.

In Their Faces – V – In Their Hearts: The Activist’s Worst Enemy Is Himself

Once again, Cheri will be introducing a new segment to the show; starting today, each week before signing-off, #CTR will offer a tip for “activists”. These tips will be less about any particular causes or issues and more about the activists and activist groups themselves. Is there a better way? Are we helping or harming ourselves?

The “War on Cops” isn’t really a war, police killings are at their lowest numbers in decades. And yes, #BlackLivesDOMatter, but when we only look at and approach a problem from an angle that has been presented to us (usually for a reason) that is the only problem we see and how we feel about the problem is what fuels our every action thereafter.

Quickly, without having even realized it, you are doing exactly what the very angle they presented you was intended for you to do in order to also fuel their every action thereafter.

African-American people particularly have been affected by the severe mental-health issue crippling our cops across this country, as we have all witnessed over and over again via the ever expanding ability of our devices to “make news now”.

Ironically it is these very citizens that hold these very devices that also hold the means to real public accountability in their own hands, but too often are sharing the wrong image or message.

Average Americans do not speak the “activist” language and the truth is, they also are unaware of any real problems that haven’t specifically touched them or someone they know. What they know of you and your cause is what their televisions and governments show them of you. But, equally true,what they know of you cannot just be blamed on media, because often what media does show of you is what you have provided and allowed.

This goes for all “activists” …

… Average American people are afraid of you, not your message

And that’s the truth.

Although it feels good to surround ourselves with others who feel the way we do about something that matters; if our message and how we present it and ourselves is made for those like us, then how do we grow?

When we alienate people, how are we drawing them in long enough to listen, see, hear …

… let alone care?

You cannot expect someone to care about your cause when you don’t care about theirs.

What is it about your cause that impacts them? How do you make it touch them?

It’s going to be a great show! Please listen.

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15 responses to “WEDS. SEPT. 16 PODCAST: How Bad Cops are Costing America, It’s More Than Money

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  3. Hi Cheri, just a little heads up; one can not tune in to the show when invited to do so the day after. This post shows @ 19h ago, and it’s now 20:30 hours on the 17th, meaning it was posted @ 01:30 am 9-17-’15 my time. Greetings.

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    • The archive link is always the same link as the live show link each week. Try hitting “refresh” or dumping your temp files? let me know please and thank you. Last night’s show was really good.

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      • I find that posts often show up a day late, and not just yours. I’ll try the link tomorrow and let you know if time permits. I would suggest announcing the show a day ahead, so folks that want to listen “live” can adjust their schedule to do so.
        Best of luck with your latest effort, greetings, …O.


    • hey hun, the “LISTEN NOW” link on the home page … I manually change that out every week so that it is the current week’s show. You can always click on it. Also, some browsers, you do have to hit play on the BTR player. But again, please let me know what you discover. It is playing fine for me on this end…


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