They’re Afraid of YOU, Not Your Message

Graphic Stock license

Graphic Stock license

By Cheri Roberts of Challenging the Rhetoric and Cheri Speak

Average Americans do not speak the “activist” language you do and the truth is, they also are unaware of any real problems that haven’t specifically touched them or someone they know.

What they do know, is what they believe they know about you and your cause according to what they see on their televisions and what governments tell them of you. But, equally true,what they know of you cannot just be blamed on media, because often what media does show of you is what you yourself have provided them.

This goes for all “activists” …

… Average American people are afraid of YOU, not your message

And that’s the truth.

Although it feels good to surround ourselves with others who feel the way we do about something that matters; if our message and how we present it and ourselves is made only for those like us, instead of those who need to understand, then how do we grow?

When we alienate people, how are we drawing them in long enough to listen, see, hear …

… let alone care?

You cannot expect someone to care about your cause when you don’t care about theirs.

What is it about your cause that impacts them?

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19 responses to “They’re Afraid of YOU, Not Your Message

  1. I’ve tried to make this point before but never well. I always think that when protesters protest at rush hour and prevent everyone from getting home at the end of long days they’re hurting their own cause. If you’re inconveniencing me/the public I’m/they’re less likely to be sympathetic to your cause.


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