LIAR OF THE WEEK: Extreme Thinkers Comparing Psychiatric Help for Pedophiles with “Normalizing” a Crime


By Cheri Roberts of Challenging the Rhetoric and Cheri Speak

The Liar of the Week is nameless, but it could very well be you and if it is, well, you will know it. This week while researching for the show topic of pedophilia I encountered many individuals on social media and in person whose extreme thinking on political and religious issues have created a major hic-up in their rationale when it comes to child safety.

In this article I pointed out, with facts, that “pedophilia” is the name of a disease, it in and of itself is not a crime nor do all pedophiles enter into pedophilic behaviors and harm children. The argument however, as it came to be this week is that a large portion of people think that accepting the reality of the very real biological and psychiatric components of pedophilia and maneuvering towards less stigma and more help prior to offending someone is a means to “normalize” the act of child sexual abuse. That is absolutely not the case.

Yes, there are actually people (predominitely in the UK) that have been lobbying for decades to have the age of consent abolished and or lowered. These are sick individuals, no question, but America isn’t so mentally ill that we would ever “normalize” child sex abuse let alone legalize it.

What’s even worse, is with their heels dug in so deeply on the matter that their very narrow stance is a roadblock to saving children from abuse. I don’t know if you are lying to the world or just yourselves; and if you are leaning on the Cross as your excuse for this behavior I am pretty sure Jesus would be wagging his finger at you himself.

There is no shame in doing the right thing. There is always shame when doing the wrong thing.



This week on Challenging the Rhetoric, leading child pornography forensic expert, Frederick Lane, will be joining us on #TheGRILL. Listen LIVE WEDS. Sept. 23 @ 6pm PDT/9pm EDT or catch the archive later at the same link.  


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