“Innocently Violent” Documentary Filmmaker, Korey Rowe, Wednesday on #TheGRILL


Documentary filmmaker, Korey Rowe, will be joining Challenging the Rhetoric host, Cheri Roberts, Wednesday, September 30 at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT to talk about life and the people living it.



In a time where hope is easily lost, or at least often misplaced, people around the world seek their own truths … and ultimately, their own consequences.

When we go our own way … where do we go?

Rowe is a producer, video editor, cinematographer and also a United States Veteran who served in Kandahar, Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait.  He is best known for his work on the Loose Change 9/11 film series. His newest project is a documentary called Innocently Violent.

Innocently Violent is a documentary that according to Rowe,

” … converges the current and future realities of our environment, our food and natural water supply, and our culture a human beings. Coupled with the resounding effects of over-centralization in metropolitan areas, the depletion of natural resources (renewable and non-renewable), and the irrefutable, measurable, negative effects of climate change-Innocently Violent delves into the lives of ordinary humans in different parts of our planet to examine how individually they can make small strides but how, together-though community-we can adapt and survive in this ever-changing world. Creating a future, not as individuals, but as one human race united in the idea we can change and we can create a better existence for all life on this planet. Hope exists, change is possible. Will we take that step?”

Take a peek at the trailer below:

Everyone has a story to tell. Tell yours HERE; you just may end up in the documentary.

You can find Korey Rowe at:


*If you miss the live broadcast, the same link works for the archive after.


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