LIAR OF THE WEEK: Climate Deniers


By Cheri Roberts of Challenging the Rhetoric and Cheri Speak

Call it what you will, our environment has taken a pummeling by humans for a long time. Our industrial and technological advances paired with our exploratory nature hasn’t been all good.

Misplaced capitalism from every side fuels a debate propped up by scientists hell-bent on shooting each other’s research down. Those who present the case for the damage we have done rarely have much to gain and everything to lose. Those who fight against any conservative and preventative measures toward our environment often have something to gain that is rarely in our best interest. If science was so on top of it, they would all be scrambling to preserve this place we call home.

The same goes for “end times” philosophers. Every generation since the beginning of known history has said the end would happen in their lifetimes. And, every generation, thus far, has died leaving a new generation behind to prove them wrong. Remember, God helps those who helps themselves. I am pretty sure that includes helping the planet.

Just as scientists should not be propped up by corporations, churches shouldn’t either; nor should people use science or religion to prop up what is only their opinion.

There is no question we have caused considerable damage to a planet we are still trying to understand. Our working knowledge has made great strides however, there is more we do not know than that which we do know. It is foolish to pretend everything is OK.

The reality is, there should be no debate. It is simple logic even a child understands.

Shame on those who refuse to be responsible stewards of this planet. Gai or God, it is a gift that sustains your very life.



*If you miss the live broadcast, the same link works for the archive after.


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