Fearless Father Adam Koessler Still Kept From Dying Daughter Rumer Rose Over Cannabis Oil While Same Hospital Proposes Turning to Pot


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By Cheri Roberts of Challenging the Rhetoric and Cheri Speak

Early this year #CTR brought you the story of and Australian father, Adam Koessler, and his daughter, Rumer Rose. Kessler was jailed and kept away from his dying daughter because he administered cannabis oil in the hopes of healing her or at least lessening her suffering in addition to the medical treatments being provided. Rumer, Koessler’s 2-year-old daughter, suffers from stage 4 neuroblastoma.

IMAGE SOURCE: GoFundMe screenshot *click image to donate to Rumer Rose’s cancer treatment

At the time, Koessler was arrested and charged with supplying ‘dangerous drugs’ to a minor under 16-years of age [his 2-year-old daughter] and drug possession at Lady Cliento Children’s Hospital on January 2nd.  He was subsequently barred from seeing his ailing child as part of his bail agreement. was dubbed by social media and medical marijuana advocates as the “Fearless Father“.


IMAGE SOURCE: hemp.org

CNN’s chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta dramatically reversed his opinion on medical marijuana, particularly when it comes to medicating children. Here are just 23 health benefits of marijuana if you are not convinced of it’s curing properties.


According to Koessler, his daughter experienced a remarkable reaction to the new treatment,

The results were amazing. What we saw when Rumer was given the medical cannabis oil what nothing short of miraculous. Her cancer ridden little body was alive againRumer had almost instant quality of life…Her skin color came back, her eyes were sparkling againWe were certain after seeing these results that her recovery was entirely possible.”


IMAGE SOURCE: sasquatchglass.com

At that time, Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews said the Victorian Law Reform Commission would submit a report by the end of August and a bill would be introduced to legalize medical marijuana by the end of this year. Now, at the very hospital in which Rumer was being treated, the Palaszczuk government and its NSW counterparts are trying to begin a $3 million medicinal cannabis trial to help treat children with drug-resistant epilepsy from 2016. Unfortunately, even still, Koessler cannot regain the time he is still losing with his daughter. Please check out and sign Koessler’s petition on Change.org.


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