The Jared Fogle Audio Tapes PT-1

Sickness of Silence

jared-fogle-child-predator IMAGE SOURCE: Screenshot

By Cheri Roberts for Sickness of Silence and Challenging the Rhetoric

Former Subway sandwich front-man, child predator Jared Fogle, has had a lot to say over the years about his unsavory desires for and crimes against children. The unfortunate recipient of years of this vile dialogue was a Florida journalist, Rochelle Herman, a woman Fogle believed to be a girlfriend of sorts and cohort. Fogle met Herman   in 2007 while still married to his first wife Elizabeth, who later divorced him for as-yet disclosed reasons while filing a restraining order against him. The US Attorney’s Office confirmed Herman’s information was used as part of the investigation.

Dr. Phil has the exclusive audio which he aired a small portion of on yesterdays show. More is being released n(on his show today at 3pm PDT/6pm EDT).

Yesterday we  heard Fogle himself talk about which children to prey on, how and why. It is…

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