ONE CHILD FOR THE SAKE OF MANY: Justifying Collateral Damage, it’s Not Just a Military Thing


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By Cheri Roberts of Challenging the Rhetoric and Cheri Speak

The term “collateral damage” is most often used or heard in discussions related to military actions, but it is not exclusive to military or military engagement. In fact, every day collateral damage takes place around us wherever we are. Sometimes we become a part of it. The unintended damage, injury, or death to an untended person caused by an action, regardless of any so-called good intentions, is collateral damage.

So what, besides war, causes collateral damage?

Vaccines Cause Collateral Damage


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According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for every one million doses of vaccine that was distributed from 2006 to 2014, 1 individual was compensated for damages for a total of 1,876 persons compensated. And since Since 1988 the total compensation paid over the life of the vaccine program is approximately $3.18 billion.

But that’s just the government data and watch-dogging yourself is a conflict of interest. It is quite clear since over 80 percent of all compensation thus far awarded by the VICP came as a result of a negotiated settlements between the parties and not by law suits won in court where HHS had to defend themselves. Instead they negotiated to minimize loss and save time.

Have you ever looked at the CDC’s list of common ingredients in vaccines? You might be surprised. No wonder there is such an outroar from parents with children who have died or otherwise been a victim of the vaccine industry’s collateral damage.

Investigations Cause Collateral Damage

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As an example, in the investigation of former Subway pitch-man, Jared Fogle, the FBI allowed Fogle to continue to molest, rape and exploit children for years while building their case against him. The exact number is unknown to the public at this time however, information recently reported with Fogle audio on the Dr. Phil show, it is clear there are many.

How many other investigations into men [and women] just like Fogle or pedophile and pornography rings are happening right now? How many children are being raped right now as you are reading these very words while the authorities know it is happening?

Families cause this same kind of collateral damage when they remain silent covering up pedophilic incest from generation to generation.

When Are Kids For Collateral Damage OK? How Many Is Too Many?


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Children are small fodder used and dismissed as collateral damage.

Children die.

One for the sake of many.

Children become diseased or disorded; crippled or disfigured.

One for the sake of many.

Children are molested, raped and abused.

One, for the sake of many.

And that’s OK in America …

… unless it’s your child.

Then, it’s different. Then you care.


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