Bringing Up Being Down

Cheri Speak

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A Case of the Crazies

Depression, the ten-letter-word we rarely hear except in relation to whichever shiny new pill PhRMA is pushing. In fact, many of those suffering from it don’t talk about it, they talk about what they take for it instead. It’s almost as if depression is really a four-letter-word we whisper about or apologize for and antidepressant use is the disclaimer that allows us to utter the word out loud.

Why is that? Why isn’t a real conversation being had across the country? Why is admitting we are depressed akin to admitting we are insane? Why do we seek social acceptance of our sadness by comparing prescriptions and their side-effects instead of acknowledging why we are depressed?

Is the treatment more important than the cause?

Antidepressants are the most common prescription medication taken by Americans age 18-44, and the third most common drug for…

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