LIAR OF THE WEEK: Assemblywoman Michele Fiore


By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

Outspoken 2nd Ammendment advocate, Michele Fiore who represents Clark County Assembly District 4 in Nevada*, took it upon herself to send out an embellished press release in support of Ammon Bundy and the #OregonStandoff. The press release was picked up and propagated by the Oath Keeper’s and other militia organizations (the Oath Keeper’s leader, Stewart Rhodes, has thus far taken a hands-off approach to the situation brewing in Oregon, even cautioning other militia members to stand down).

In Fiore’s release she states former volunteer Fire Chief of Burns, Oregon, Chris Briels, told her there are FBI posing as militia around town. When Briels was confronted, he denied saying that in the context Fiore had presented. Fiore has not corrected herself to the public and continues to push an agenda bent on fueling fear and riling up the extremists in this nation. Fiore was a prominent supporter of the 2014 Cliven Bundy Bunkerville standoff.

Shame on YOU Michele Fiore, you are Challenging the Rhetoric‘s Liar of the Week. #LOTW


*Fiore intends to next enter the 2016 race for Nevada’s 3rd congressional district in southern Clark County


*If you miss the live broadcast, the same link works for the archive.


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