Prison is Not an Option According to Malheur Refuge Militia Holdouts

By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

Late this morning, in an audio interview with OPB Radio, Defend Your Base operator David Fry, Sean Anderson and wife Sandy said, “Prison is not an option” for any of them. All three are willing to die instead of face federal charges; and according to Fry, at least he is willing to cause his own death “somehow” if necessary. It has been rumored that Sandy Anderson may be pregnant.

According to the interview, Fray said if the FBI tried to arrest him, he would see it as an attack.

Thus far, to their and our knowledge, there is only a single warrant filed against Sean Anderson. FBI has said the other 3 are free to go. There are currently only 4 armed militia members on the refuge. The fourth person is believed to be Jeff Banta. At this time 11 armed occupants, mainly leaders, have been charged. At least 7 are being held in Portland, Oregon without bail.


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