Modern Technology Creates Old Rome Colosseum View of World for Many Watching Oregon Standoff Live Feed

By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

By about my fourth hour of watching continuously “re-set” live feeds on YouTube by Defend Your Base‘s David Fry, broadcast from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge outside of Burns, Oregon, I should have known I had a problem. By the second day of said feeds I knew I had a problem. What was worse is I knew I wasn’t the only one with a problem since I was participating with countless others on social media who were also watching and discussing the feeds as they’ve unfolded.

Everyone is watching for their own reasons. Trolls aside there are real assholes out there with complete disregard for decorum or life and yeh, it’s pretty fucked up, but …

Watching [and listening] to Fry’s streaming video from the refuge, of he and the other 3 remaining heavily armed occupants, has been quite riveting in a weird and macabre way. It’s like watching The Hunger Games meets Survivor meets [ … and, I hate to say this, but … ] Gilligan’s Island.

It is so absolutely surreal it’s easy to forget that what we are watching, what I am watching, is real. These people are flesh and blood human beings; however delusional you or I may think they are or have progressively become.

These people are not actors; ‘crisis’ or otherwise. They are real lives who are experiencing and documenting their current human condition; one that is real for many. And, if we all set aside our own biases for a sec, none of us would deny these people at the refuge represent an angst that has less to do with land and gun rights than it has to do with ever increasing suspicion and distrust of government for their many flagrant infringements on our civil rights enacted in the name of “security” when The People are instead screaming for “Freedom”. We all may define that differently, but the sentiment is universal.

Unfortunately there has been a near blackout when it comes to television news coverage of the Oregon standoff instead of a public dialogue. Big brand media like MSNBC, CBS, CNN, FOX and others seem to care less. Their coverage of Trump has trumped actual Constitutional happenings within the country he allegedly wishes to lead, but that’s another matter.

Maybe it’s because I live in Oregon; or maybe it’s because I myself am an activist; or maybe it’s because I am also a journalist; or maybe it’s a combination of all of those things that makes me care a little more on a bit of a deeper level and so I found myself becoming increasingly captivated by Fry’s erratic series of misinformed, paranoid, heartbreaking, and often unintentionally funny live streams. Many people have said they wish they could be a fly on the wall in one situation or another and here, we are all flies on the wall with an unprecedented view. Every Rome needs a Colosseum and the Internet has become ours. And, although I was already questioning my motives — or maybe it was my morals, for watching, I knew my newly acquired Roman’esque problem was real when I tweeted:

What was I thinking? I don’t really need to ask because I know. Kind of. Even Ammon Bundy’s lawyer ‘knows’ as he tweets using the #OregonStandoff hashtag; which can only be meant to garner attention.

Alas, the life-support of clicks, likes and shares. Even David Fry is asking for ‘thumbs up’ as he and the others shiver in the cold, locked and loaded waiting for the end, whatever that end may be. This is where technology has taken us and as I continue watching humanity play out from the campfire glow on my laptop, I know the trip is far from over.


#SurrenderBecause it’s the right thing to do #DavidFry, #SeanAnderson, #SandyAnderson and #JeffBanta .@CTRNewsFeed

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16 responses to “Modern Technology Creates Old Rome Colosseum View of World for Many Watching Oregon Standoff Live Feed

  1. You are so right about being caught up in this. I still have hope that this will end without any further blood shed. I keep questioning what good can come from all this? Certainly they could turn this around and guarantee their safety. Even if any of them go to prison, they would be out. I only hope this becomes a major turning point for them, because it can happen.

    Even though I don’t agree with their views, You and I as well as most decent folks are not wanting this to end badly for them.


  2. Somebody offer these last 4 a movie/book deal or something and make it worth their while to surrender.I’ve watched way too much myself but the more i see, the more hollywood fakery i see as well. I think that is why the FBI shut down the livestream, the were giving themselves away.


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