Militia Patriots Rise for the Clash not Cause



By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

A month ago we began hearing about ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond in Burns, Oregon. Their arson case struck a nerve with some ranchers and calls of conspiracy claiming the order to return the Hammond’s to prison was a result of double jeopardy in the courts. This is important to remember because the Hammond case is the alleged catalyst for what we now know as the Oregon Standoff. Their case however, is not a double jeopardy case according to DC National Security Attorney, Mark Zaid. You can hear how he breaks down double jeopardy in this January 6, guest segment on the Challenging the Rhetoric podcast.

After the first week of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupation, the Hammond name virtually disappeared from language dispersed by Ammon Bundy and other armed protesters. What they initially claimed to be a demonstration against the imprisonment of the Hammonds rapidly turned into an odd free-for-all collaboration between a few people who genuinely had a vested interest in land rights and a bunch of others who were simply pissed off anti-government militia types looking for their next limelight.

The attorney for LaVoy Finicum’s family, Todd Macfarlane, spent 2 days at the refuge and has been openly critical of Pete Santilli and “other hotheads at the scene”. This is a similar dynamic to what happened in 2014 in Bunkerville, Nevada at the Bundy Ranch Standoff. Many are the same players who will travel about anywhere as long as it affords an opportunity to take on the government.

According to a research piece by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL),

About two-thirds of the occupiers appear to have the anti-government “Patriot” movement – and more specifically, the militia wing of that movement – as their primary ideological affiliation.  The remaining one-third of the occupiers have an anti-government ideology centered on opposition to federal regulation of public lands, a movement often referred to as the Sagebrush Rebellion or the Wise Use movement. “

The two thirds the ADL talks about has little to do with the Bundy’s or the Hammond’s cause. Their agenda is a bit different because it is based on more than just guns, God and land. That is in part why the militants occupying the refuge fell apart and ended up in jail in the manner they did. Another component is digital media, but we will get into that in another article. For now the point to be made here is this …

The situation is much more serious than corporate media has given it credit. For those who haven’t paid attention, you should catch up because there are a lot of varying implications on all sides.

Had the Bundy brothers and other legitimate ranchers tried to get more leverage on their own, Finicum may not have lost his life. Had they not put out those calls to action and arms then it wouldn’t have been answered by militant hangers-on and there would not be 4 more people set to lose their lives as I write. Extremism is alive and well.

Logistically, it would have also helped the Bundys had they chosen a less granola state in which to stage their takeover. Face it, us Oregonians are about peace and love and hugging trees. We are proud of our public lands and care greatly for the environment in which we live. Many Oregonians stand for things that are the antithesis of what the Bundys, let alone the militias. stand for. Support for their cause, here in Oregon, was a loss before they ever arrived.

What the Bundys and armed occupants have showed Oregonians since their arrival in our state is that they have no respect for our public lands nor our own voice in the matter; particularly the voices of those that live in Harney County were the standoff continues. No one remembers justice for the Hammonds or working towards a better agreement with BLM. Instead we have 4 armed militants who have made it clear they are ready and willing to die at any time for the cause of not getting arrested.


Ammon Bundy invited these people here. It was also Ammon, as the leader, that allowed people like David Fry and Pete Santilli to broadcast unfiltered to the world what they and the other militants were doing. It was Ammon who lost complete control of his movement for no other reason than he didn’t care who showed up to fight his cause or why and in this there is a lesson for all activists.



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