David Fry Sneaks New Video Past FBI on Defend Your Base Calling for Violence

By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

In one of two new videos uploaded to Defend Your Base, David Fry made a call to arms and violence against anyone who is not a Patriot willing to stand up for his cause. Fry claims the FBI do not know they have a phone and internet connection again and can now upload video and make calls.

02/27/16 3:01p PDT UPDATE: there has now been a third video, “Camp Finicum” that has been uploaded.

02/27/16 3:51p PDT UPDATE: there has now been a fourth and fifth video, “Shove Your Charges” and “FBI Throwing Tantrums”  uploaded.



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11 responses to “David Fry Sneaks New Video Past FBI on Defend Your Base Calling for Violence

  1. Fiore deserves another award for the week Finicum was killed. She issued a statement saying Ammon Bundy’s wife Lisa had caller her and said that Ammon had called from the back of the cop car and told her he’d seen Finicum being shot while he was on his knees with his hands in the air.

    There were a couple problems with the story that should have made it clear it couldn’t be true once we got the first description of the arrest from LE – days before the video of the shooting was released.

    First, Bundy & co, weren’t put in the back of the cop cars, they were held on the side of the road. Second, there was no cell service in the area, so Bundy couldn’t have called his wife. Last – but certainly *not* least – there was no way Bundy could have seen the shooting as he was being held too far away.

    To the best of my knowledge, Fiore’s claim was the first account to say Finicum was on his knees and surrendering, so it seems her lie started that rumor.


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