Are the Malheur Refuge “Final Four” Getting Ready to Surrender?

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By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

Although still speaking the same anti-government language, the individuals known as the Malheur Final Four, have dramatically changed their tone over night. In two new videos uploaded to YouTube’s Defend Your Base channel this morning, David Fry, Sean Anderson and wife Sandy, sound tired and even, almost, resigned to their reality of wanting to live and going to prison. Listen closely to what Fry says particularly after the 7:18 mark in his.

They do ask for people to stand up, but not in the ways of yesterday nor with any of the same aggression [at least not yet, the day is still young]. Sandy says she looks forward to Cliven Bundy’s arrival on “Thursday”. The hate, for the moment, has left their voices.

Are Fry and the Andersons getting ready to wave a white flag?

Have the negotiations with the FBI become effective or is the weather, isolation and possibly now, hunger, finally getting to them?

Or, is this some freaky calm before the storm they’ve previously promised?

They did just add a third video, one putting the link out to co-defendent, Shawna Cox’s witness testimony of LaVoy Finicum’s death.

On another note … #WheresJeffBanta?

There is still no word or even a recent video view of the fourth holdout, Jeff Banta. The last time we saw or heard from him he was cocking back a Coors Silver Bullet with a handgun in his pocket while talking on the phone. Here’s a couple of screenshots from that January 30, video.

I’d post the link to that video however, interestingly, Fry has removed it. Why did he take down the video of Banta? Was it Banta’s request? Is there a split between the final four? The Banta vid I am referencing, was shot and uploaded when this one HERE of the Andersons also talking on phones.



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