Deb Jordan Says YOUR Free Speech is Being Used to Convict Pete Santilli for His Free Speech

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IMAGE SOURCE: Deb Jordan Facebook Page

By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

*UPDATE: Deb & Spitfire have removed the video in question as of 2/14 by 9p PDT

In a live stream broadcast on The Pete Santilii Show, filling the dead-air while Santilli is incarcerated, Spitfire — sitting in the dark dressed in a blazer with no shirt, railed against fellow podcaster Dahboo7 while simultaneously claiming everyone should get along and work together.

Maybe Spitfire needs to practice what he preaches?

But, more importantly was this …

In a call-in, Santilli co-host and live-in girlfriend, Deb Jordan apologized for being so busy, but wanted to let the listeners and fans know that their First Amendment right to free expression is hurting Santilli and being used to convict him for his alleged crimes in Burns, Oregon, at the Malheur refuge and elsewhere.

Jordan says,

I wanna tell everybody…did you know that in court they are using things that people have done against Pete, on the internet, as a tool to convict him.”

Apparently, they want your donations served with a side of silence.

If Santilli has a right under the First Amendment to say everything he has said, as Jordan and the ACLU claims, then why would she expect anyone else to give up their right to do the same, even if it is inflammatory speech against Santilli?

The irony is hypocritical, but at least she herself, for now, has stopped her own incendiary talk on the show rallying “Patriots” to the crime scene. One can only guess the change in her demeanor is because Santilli’s attorney cautioned she hasn’t been doing her man any favors.

You can hear what Deb has to say in the archive HERE. I highly suggest fast forwarding to the comment at the 35:54 mark versus try to listen to the whole show. Conversation is nearly indistinguishable over the loud and obnoxious music Spitfire chose to run in the background.

Listenership on the Santilli channel is dropping quickly without Santilli there to egg his listeners on. Currently, there seems little Spitfire or Deb can do to stop it from sinking.



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20 responses to “Deb Jordan Says YOUR Free Speech is Being Used to Convict Pete Santilli for His Free Speech

  1. Dear Deb, we the people are fed up with manipulation and lies. that is different than free speech, if he were honest on who he speaks for, than yes we stand behind his right to his opinion, but please do not manipulate the ignorant using deception and propaganda.

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    • The quote in my article is the meat of what she said. It was a lot of just rambling. Spitfire had crazy music in the background and people in comments were all complaining about it. I am assuming that is why they took it down, not because they realized the ridiculousness of what she said. I am sure there will be another vid soon that will say basically the same.


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  3. Good post Cheri. Those con artist ooze hypocrisy with every breath. It remind me of the video of the Santilli dirtbag screaming in the anti-militia protester’s face with a bullhorn while the poor guy was covering his ears. I’m fascinated by the rubes that give him and his girlfriend money, that they undoubtedly don’t have since full time Facebook commenting doesn’t bring in the rent.

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  5. Saying things against another freelance reporter, especially when you quote some one out of context, can hurt you more then you know……before you write what you think someone thinks or why they have done something, influencially speaking, you might want to make sure it does not get back to them or hope that no one has contact with him, knowing……it will come back to haunt you…..we are very much in contact with and support of Santilli… ever not a big fan of yours…..and I am wondering what he will think when we tell him you said, and I quote…..”Santilli begged me to be on his show”. I have that one saved.


    • I could care less what he thinks because it is obvious, he isn’t thinking. That being said, that was an exact quote of Deb’s. Why’d they delete it? And speaking of misquoting…I didn’t say he begged me to be on his show 🙂 I DID however say he begged me to move my show too his GMN network. #Fact. BTW, I have a whole packet to mail to him hun. Feel free to save me the postage. If you actually cared about him or any of the others, you would slow your role and actually DO something to help him. I did. I contacted one of the leading First Amendment litigators and media ethics people in the country, someone who thinks Santilli COULD get off if they are basing charges on speech not actual actions. I brought that to the public. And not just any public, but one of people who were completely against him. Many have changed their minds and or feel a lil empathy. That’s how you reach out.


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